About Tutta d’un pizzo [ENGLISH]

Meet the Blogger

Thank you for stopping by and reading something about the girl behind Tutta d’un pizzo.

My name is Mentana, but you can call me Mint.
I was born and bred in Southern Italy, but moved north to pursue my dream of becoming a translator. My heart, however, is still a Southerner’s one.

I am a 22 y.o. full time college student with a passion for fitness and healthy living. So, my aim with Tutta d’un pizzo is teaching other students like me how to live their lives to the healthiest.
Because it doesn’t matter how fewer money or time you have: you can make it happen. You just need a little help.

Why Tutta d’un pizzo?

The name is a play on the Italian idiom “tutta d’un pezzo” (meaning a righteous, honest person) and “pizzo” (meaning “lace”).
I’ve picked this name for two reasons, mainly. First, because I’m a lace junkie. No joke.
Secondly, because I’m a dork and I love playing with words like that.

This was a little something more about me, which I hope you enjoyed reading.

If you feel like you have a burning question on the tip of your tongue, feel free to ask it in the comments or on my contact page.

See you soon!